Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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‘Uncivil obedience’ becomes an increasingly common form of protest in the US

When Utah legislators passed a bill requiring the review and removal of “pornographic or indecent” books in...
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3 reasons we use graphic novels to teach math and physics

Post-pandemic, some educators are trying to reengage students with technology – like videos,...
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3 ways AI is transforming music

Each fall, I begin my course on the intersection of music and artificial intelligence by asking my...
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A carbon tax on investment income could be more fair

A year after the US Department of Justice blocked the merger of two of the world’s biggest...

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Charlotte Sena rescued from camper cabinet, kidnapping suspect busted after leaving ransom note

New York State Police announced that a suspect has been taken into custody over the incident on Monday night. Sena is currently safe and healthy, and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

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